Sunday 17 February 2008 à 13:36

Arrived in safe harbor!

Par Patrice Pruvost. Correspondent aboard the Umitaka Maru

Land is in sight! The pilot boards the ship at 8 o’clock. We arrive on time, such punctuality! We are happy. At last, we can telephone our families after so long an absence.

Tasmania straight ahead of us!

The Umitaka Maru comes alongside at 8h45! It is the end of four months at sea, months that have been, for us, not just fruitful but also thrilling. Each oceanographic campaign is a unique experience for us!

The port of Hobart.

The campaign has been more than a success for us; it has also been enriching! There is no doubt about the scientific interest of the voyage. The mission has, moreover, allowed us to explore another culture and another way of working.

Mooring the ship.

As soon as we arrive, Quarantine personnel come aboard. We must stay on board until all the baggage and cases that are to be unloaded have been inspected. Then it is turn of the Customs Service to inspect our passports. These formalities take a long time and we have to spend hours waiting on the ship.

Once the formalities are complete, we go for a walk in Hobart. Our trip really ends for us when we step on dry land!

We learn that the Astrolabe has also just arrived. We look forward to seeing its crew and the colleagues returning from Dumont D'Urville once again.

What a shame. The Aurora Australis has already gone to sea again! We would have loved to see the three ships of the CEAMARC program side by side at the same dock.

Our cases of materiel are supposed to arrive in France by ship in May or June. We will then start studying all the organisms we have collected in detail. Later we will publish the results of all the campaigns.



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