Friday 15 February 2008 à 12:01

One last visit with the Umitaka Maru!

Par Patrice Pruvost. Correspondent aboard the Umitaka Maru

We have good weather today. It is almost warm, with a temperature near 7°C. It is really nice to be able to open the portholes and let in fresh air. The end of the crossing will come soon.

We are hoping that the Australian customs officials will be able to come aboard quickly so we can debark and take a stroll on land on Sunday. We are finishing putting things in order and preparing the list of materiel that will be offloaded and kept in quarantine in Australia.

The powerful engines are propelling the Umitaka Maru on its route. The ship is equipped with one main diesel engine. If needed, it can also use an electric engine powered by three generators.

Engine room of the Umitaka Maru.

Electrical generator of the Umitaka Maru.

Control room of the Umitaka Maru.

Ships like the Umitaka Maru are planned to be autonomous for months at a time. Many freezers and refrigerators take care of food supplies for the duration of the voyage. Fresh water comes from desalinating sea water. The ship is equipped with a high-temperature furnace for incinerating wastes.

Visiting the gym on the Umitaka Maru.

On our first tour of the ship, we planned to use the gym daily but in the end we frequented it very little. It is equipped with two bicycles, a track and several weight machines. We are waiting for the steep streets of Hobart for our workout. For now, climbing up and down the stairs is our biggest daily exercise!



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