Friday 15 February 2008 à 16:11

Data for the Umitaka Maru

Par Graham Hosie (CEAMARC Leader) and Takashi Ishimaru (Voyage Leader)

Position of the icebreaker :
- Latitude : - 51° 38.5 S
- Longitude : 146° 02.3 E
Heading : 006
Current speed : 15 knots

Distance in last 24 hours : 338 Nm nautical miles
Distance to next waypoint : 522 nautical miles Hobart
Air temperature : 7.5° C
Sea temperature : 6.9°C
Sea conditions : Slight to moderate sea with swell from SW, 2-3m average wave height
Weather conditions : Overcast, occasional sunshine, good visibility, wind 16 knots from NW

Second CPR retrieved and another successful run. Third run underway. We are enjoying the occasional bit of sunshine.
Regards Graham and Takashi



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