Wednesday 6 February 2008 à 14:31

Data for the Umitaka Maru

Par Graham Hosie (CEAMARC Leader) and Takashi Ishimaru (Voyage Leader)

Position of the icebreaker :
- Latitude : - 66° 39.2 S
- Longitude :140° 00.8 E
At anchor one mile north of Dumont d`Urville
Heading : at Anchor
Current speed : at Anchor (knots)

Distance in last 24 hours : 0 Nautical miles
Distance to next waypoint : at Anchor
Weather conditions :Thin cloud of 7 eighths cover, sun trying to break through, very good visibility to the horizon
Wind :
- speed : 20 knots
- direction : from 145 degrees
Air temperature : -5.3°C
Sea temperature : 0.5°C
Sea conditions : smooth sea, no swell, 1 m wave
We made several attempts to find good anchorage stable enough to allow calibration of the echo-sounders. Most of the ground around Dumont d'Urville is hard rock and the anchor drags. One attempt at calibration was unsuccessful with the calibration line (fishing line) going under the hull being cut by ice floating past. This at least happened before the calibration ball, a small metal sphere of known acoustic properties, was lowered down the line. Five gentlemen for the French Antarctic institute IPEV visited the ship. These included the captain Stanislas Zamora and bosun Alain Pottier from l'Astrolabe who were on the previous l'Astrolabe CEAMARC voyage, as well as the postmaster from Dumont d'Urville. Later met with Yves Frenot, Deputy- Director IPEV and discussed progress with CEAMARC. Currently, we are making one more attempt to anchor securely. If unsuccessful, we will return to our offshore sampling sites and hope for good weather. Latest satellite pictures show high chlorophyll concentrations between DDU and the Mertz Glacier.
Regards Graham and Takashi



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