Friday 25 January 2008 à 17:28

Thanks to everyone!

Par Sophie Mouge. Correspondent aboard the Aurora Australis

The CEAMARC-CASO expedition on board the Aurora Australis is ending!

End of operations on board Photo of the group on the helideck.

End of mission conference

Temperatures outside > 0°C

Flurry of emails to organize our arrival

Sorting photos

Tidying all the cabins

Everything packed up.

What’s happening?

The CEAMARC-CASO expedition on board the Aurora Australis is ending!

The door of the wet lab is closed.

THANKS to all of you who have followed us and encouraged us during these past seven weeks. Isolation is such in these distant places that receiving your encouragement, comments, messages and questions was a real pleasure.

THANKS to all the members of the expedition who were willing to share their experience and did so with great spontaneity and amiability.

We hope you have voyaged a bit with us thanks to this blog.

Our last thought before setting foot on land goes to our strong, patient correspondents at the National Museum of Natural History who every day re-read, corrected, improved and put into shape the dispatches we have sent them. A special big thank-you to Nadia Améziane for her efficiency, kindness and promptness in sorting out problems one after another.

On Sunday, we will be in Hobart where we will cross with our colleagues from the Astrolabe who debark that same day just a few hours after us.

CEAMARC is not yet finished. You can now follow the expedition of our colleagues embarked on the Japanese ship Umitaka Maru!



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