Wednesday 23 January 2008 à 17:11

The end of the mission draws near

Par Sophie Mouge. Correspondent aboard the Aurora Australis

The music group that came together on the ship from the beginning of the expedition is rehearsing seriously for the finale this evening.

A little party has been organized to celebrate the end of scientific operations for the two CASO and CEAMARC programs.

Our fabulous group rehearses music in the helicopter hangar.

The wet lab is quickly being tidied up with the entire team helping. We are still sorting but this time we are sorting all kinds of materiel, work suits, dissection basins, etc.

Thomas and Catherine close the cases of materiel in the wet lab.

Marc and Catherine stack dissection basins above the storage cages.

Bernard, with his usual good humor, helps get the wet lab in order and prepares addresses for packing the containers that will leave by ship for Le Havre.

Bernard washes bottles and work gloves in the wet lab.

Bernard organizes the address labels that will identify each container for the return trip.

We will reclaim all this materiel in three months minimum!

Stefan and Catherine have finally finished all their biological work and put their laboratory in order. Tissues and cell cultures are frozen first, before being sent to France.

Stefan closes the huge - 20°C freezer container that will travel to Dumont D’Urville, thence by ship to France.

At 18h00, Martin and Sarah communicate by telephone with their colleagues from the Australian Antarctic Division in order to organize the final details of our arrival in Hobart. From their conversation, it turns out that we will be 24 hours ahead of the plans as first anticipated!

Time has certainly smiled on us throughout the expedition.

We would be delighted to have you come welcome us! Come on Sunday, January 27, at 8h00 in the morning, to the port of Hobart in Tasmania.

Australian punctuality is faultless and the rendezvous this evening proves it once more. To the greatest pleasure of everyone, we enjoy the fruits of the music group’s intense work at 20h00 sharp in the ship’s bar.

Here is a short excerpt exclusively for you!

Everyone on the ship meets in the bar for a very musical evening.



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