Wednesday 23 January 2008 à 17:00

Position of Umitaka Maru

Par Graham Hosie (CEAMARC Leader) and Takashi Ishimaru (Voyage Leader)

23 January 2008

Universal Time

Australian Time (Eastern Summer)

-32 54, 114 55 (degrees latitude, longitude)


Current speed
16.3 kts (knots)

Distance in last 24 hours
95 Nm (nautical miles)

Distance to next waypoint
2050 Nm (nautical miles)

Weather conditions
Sunny, little cloud, wind 20 kts from SSW

Air temperature
21.9 (degrees Celsius)

Sea temperature
21.5 (degrees Celsius)

Sea conditions
Slight seas

Ice conditions Nil

Umitaka Maru departed Fremantle promptly at 0900 local time (1100 Australian Eastern Summer Time) with an eager group of scientists, students, crew and cadets on board. We are now heading south along the Western Australian coast before turning SE towards the CEAMARC Survey area between the French station Dumont d'Urville and the Mertz Glacier. Umitaka Maru is the third ship in the CEAMARC (Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census) survey. CEAMARC is a multinational contribution to the Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML). Three ships are involved in CEAMARC from Australia (Aurora Australis), France (l'Astrolabe) and Japan (Umitaka Maru) studying the same area. The Aurora Australis has completed the study of sea bottom communities of fish, invertebrates and plants, together with the oceanography of the region. L'Astrolabe studied some of the near coast communities and Umitaka Maru will be studying the mid-water plankton and fish, as well as also conducting oceanographic studies. We have researchers on board from Australia, Japan, France, Belgium, Canada/USA and Argentina, with varying expertise and knowledge of plankton and fish ecology, taxonomy, chemical and physical oceanography, and hydroacoustics. We also have a film crew on board documenting the research.
Regards Graham Hosie (CEAMARC Leader), Takashi Ishimaru (Voyage Leader)



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