Thursday 10 January 2008 à 13:15

First operations on the Astrolabe!

Par Stéphanie Pavoine. Based in Dumont D’Urville station

At the first breakfast on board, I gulp down a coffee and descend to the hold.

I carry out the same work as yesterday. I am free at 11h and, to make the service easier, some of us eat early. While the rest of my companions eat, I tour the ship and write e-mails. My senses feel a little foggy from the scopolamine patch I am wearing against seasickness.

We’re leaving at last! As she leaves, the Astrolabe breaks the ice around the island, making the next trips easier.

Back in the hold, Anne introduces us to the organization of the campaign and the work we must do.

Plankton net © P. Koubbi.

The sampling operations are beginning and everybody is exploring his post. Anne and Pierre are on the rear deck putting the devices in the water. David and I pass the equipment to them. We also retrieve the water-sampling bottles and the contents of the plankton nets.

Putting a bottle in the water © P. Koubbi.

Thomas, in the laboratory, samples and filters the water from the bottles. We link several stations and finish at 2h in the morning.

I’m told I have an email but I don’t have the strength to climb up to the bridge and read it. I collapse in my bunk.



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