Wednesday 9 January 2008 à 17:17

Ready at last!

Par Stéphanie Pavoine. Based in Dumont D’Urville station

Today the day is dedicated to odds and ends, accompanied by a healthy dose of grease: we are setting up the laboratories.

Personally, my work consists of cleaning a work space, drilling holes and screwing screws, moving boxes, carrying cases. A weird day but I find it distracting and enriching to share a bit of the life of the technical personnel. Embarkation is planned for this evening. Our clothing bags went by helicopter at 17h. We are returning to base for our last evening meal before the campaign. Mixed feelings about tomorrow. It will be one year since I first stepped onto these gangways, that I have been eating here, that I have been living with these people. I am not at all anxious to leave this life, this unique ambiance.

The campaign however is not lacking in attractions: going to sea, exploring Antarctica a bit more, seeing the Mertz glacier, Commonwealth Bay, Mawson base, etc.

Nevertheless, this evening, saying goodbye is hard.



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