Saturday 5 January 2008 à 18:08


Par Stéphanie Pavoine. Based in Dumont D’Urville station

Hello. I am Stéphanie Pavoine. I am a fisheries engineer by training and I have just spent a year over-wintering at the Dumont D’Urville station.

I am going to tell you about the end of this over-wintering, which coincides with the CEAMARC campaign on board the Astrolabe.

The Astrolabe is arriving at Dumont D’Urville (DDU)). She has not changed. Odd feelings take me back to Hobart, to the same time last year, the crossing, the excitement of the mission beginning, when we were all feverishly anticipating the exploration of a new continent. Added to these souvenirs is a certain nostalgia. The Astrolabe is here to take us back to Tasmania in two weeks just after the CEAMARC mission.

It is hard to believe all this, after spending months living day after day in a base where nothing seems to change!



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